Social Media Basics

social media basics

Social Media Basics

Why should you use social media?

  • To Reach Your Customer
  • To Connect with Your Customer
  • To Sell to Your Customer

Do you know?

  • Who’s the most important person in your business?
  • Who pays your employees?
  • Who designs your products and services?
  • Who determines when it’s time to grow your company to the next level?
I hope you answered THE CUSTOMER for all four questions!
social media basics

social media basics

Social Media is your tool to reach your customer.

However, before you can use social media, you need to know the social media basics: who you want to reach and problems they need solved or desires met. Too many business owners think about the product/service and not the customer.

Social media is a tool to find your customers and start a conversation with them, building your audience and reputation over time.

First, you need to accurately identify your customer.  Your customer is the segment of a market that needs your product most because it solves a real problem he is having. Some of the things you need to know about your customer are:
  • Demographics
  • Benefits of the product that the customer wants
  • Location of customer
  • Psychographics
Demographics are what people buy, when they buy, how much they buy and how much they earn (income), according to sex, age, disposable income, and ethnicity.
Consider the benefits of your product/service.  Is it convenient?  Does it save money? Provide expertise?  Functionality?
Also consider where your customers are located? Do you have a local market?  A national market? An international market?

The following information will help you determine which messages you will send via social media that will grab the customer’s attention.

  • Personality traits
  • Lifestyles
  • Behavioral patterns
  • What do your potential customers typically buy?
  • How do they hear about products and services?
  • How do they like to buy product?
  • How often do they buy?
  • How can your product or service best meet their needs?

Before creating your social media strategy, make sure that you have covered the social media basics!  What are the best answers for your business?

by Dale Dillon

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