Tips on Reaching Your Social Media Audience

Tips on Reaching Your Social Media Audience

Forget the shot gun approach — aim directly at the target!!


The first step is to research and define your audience, i.e. customers and customer influencers.  Think about:

  • Who are you speaking to?  What are they like and what are they interests?
  • Why do they participate in the community?  Do they participate for friendship, for sales, for ideas, mental stimulation, information
  • What sites do they most often visit?  If they participate for instant news flashes, they will probably be on twitter.  If they participate to learn technical information, they will probably be on blogs and forums.
  • How big is this audience?  If you have a large audience, you will want to have a broad target.  If it is a small, specialized audience, it will need to be a very narrow target.  Geographic location?  If you only do business in Tucson, always narrow your search to Tucson.
  •  How often do they participate?  If you audience participates often, you will also need to participate often.


Next you can explore online communities to find out more about your potential audience and to connect with them.  Here are a few:

–Search for your product or service and then look at discussions about your product or service.  Join in the discussion and sign up for updates.
— For example Saguaro PC Computer Repair can go to, put “computer” as search word, then “computer hardware”  then “U.S.”, “then Tucson computer repair” and scan discussions.  See if any are relevant.  If not, try again with different search terms.

–Go to Yahoo Groups and put in your key words, subjects that your audience would be talking about.

–For example Heartfelt Lifeforce can go to, put “self-improvement discussions” in search and look at results.   I found an Amazon group with discussions and there were many more.  Would narrow it down to Arizona if possible.

–Again, put in the search words that are relevant to your audience.

–For example, Trinity Diamonds can go to Facebook page, puts  “groups” in search, then clicks on Groups on left hand side, then puts “diamonds and engagement rings” in search.  Browse the many groups and see if any are appropriate.

–Digg is probably the hardest one “to crack.”  Look for popular articles, blogs, etc. that are in your field.

–For example , Sonoran Oasis can go to and put in “xeriscape” or a word that property owners might use, then look through the results.

  • e)    www. WordPress.comFor example,

–SendOutCards can go to, put “second income” in search, resulting in a list of blogs regarding second incomes

To continue — Find at least 3 or 4 groups that are relevant and have your audience.  Start communicating with them, by posting comments, subscribing to their RSS feeds, sending messages to them.

by Dale Dillon

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