3 Laws of Engaging Facebook Content

Michael Gray

3 Laws of Engaging Facebook Content

You may be asking yourself, “Why are none of my 100’s of fans engaging with my Facebook content?”  Your Facebook business page can have thousands of  “likes” and still have no engagement.  The reason is a misconception of the Laws of Facebook engagement. It is the Facebook users who set the standard on laws of engagement and it is up to us to understand and answer the demand of the masses at to how to engage on the platform.

The 3 Essential Laws of Engagement for Facebook:

  1. Create Engaging Content –  If you know ideal customers  and how they spend time on Facebook, then you can discover what types of content they want and like to engage with. The graphic below, “21 Types of Content We All Crave,”  is a great template with which to get content ideas. Once you begin posting the different types of content, you can use your Facebook Insights to discover what works. Throw out the bad and add more of the good. What content does your client desire? Deliver it consistently.
  2. Consistency – Social media marketing is like the story of the tortoise and the hare.  Many businesses venture in but few have the tenacity and long term vision to stick it out over the long haul. Social media marketing is not like traditional marketing:  it does not give immediate returns. It takes time, patience and a great strategy to pay off. The good thing is for those of us who do have the vision and determination to stick with it, eventually there will be fewer businesses to compete with. The Edgerank Algorithm is designed to reward consistent quality content. If you have long drop offs in your content delivery and creation you will lose whatever engagement you once had with your audience on your page.
  3. Constant Monitoring – How surprised are you when a page that you like responds quickly to a comment or question? I have had brands respond quickly to comments I have made and others that never responded. Which one of these brands do you think I developed more loyalty to? That is a no-brainer — the ones that were listening to me!  People want to have a relationship with your brand on Facebook and one directional communication or ignoring your page engagement is the opposite of relationship. On your page, monitor via mobile and respond as quickly as humanly possible.

Keep your content engaging, consistent and monitor constantly if you want to live by the 3 Laws of Engaging Facebook Content. I do have a bonus 4th that kinda overrides all three laws and that is to have fun. The more fun you have with your audience the more fun they have with you.

What other laws would you add to these? Let me know in the comments below.

I did a Google Plus Hangout discussion with Phil Chavanne of So Very Social  on the topic of low fan engagement and here is the video. I added the 3rd law after our hangout. Check out Phil’s great new platform SoVerySocial.com. It is an amazing platform that will blow up your website SEO via social media and social signals. SEO is just one aspect of Phil’s amazing platform.

by Michael Gray

Engaging Facebook Content






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