The Online Marketing Tortoise vs Hare

The Online Marketing Tortoise vs Hare

Online Marketing Tortoise vs Hare

When speaking to business owners about online marketing strategy at the 30K foot level I often use the illustration of the Tortoise VS Hare. You may remember the story from when you were a child. The premise in case you missed it is slow and steady is the best strategy. Online marketing is a perfect example that proves the illustration true.

Why  Venture in to Online Marketing?

Business owners venture into the online marketing world for various reasons. Some for increased brand visibly online, some because their competitors are doing it, and others because someone said you have to do it. The dilemma is that without a long term commitment to the process of marketing your business online you’re wasting your time, energy and money.

online marketing tortoise vs hareOnline Marketing is not a Quick Fix

Think about it. When businesses jump into marketing their business online looking for a quick fix, they usually bail within a few months.  Most business owners find it too difficult to change the way they think about marketing. The “Traditional Marketing” model of spend time and money and get an immediate return doe not work in the online world. There may be some short lived successes but long term gains come from commitment and determination over time. The “Tortoise” approach is all about taking the time to develop a strategy,  implement the strategy and then adjust the strategy until we achieve the desired improvements for your company.

Where do You Begin?

  1. Develop an online marketing strategy.
  2. Target your ideal customer.
  3. Implement your strategy.
  4. Measure and adjust your strategy.
  5. Consistency Consistency Consistency – Think Tortoise!
  6. Hire an expert to help you develop and carry out your strategy.

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