Online Marketing and Responsive Websites that Convert

Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

Your business marketing strategy should always begin and end with your website. Your website is the one piece of online property you own and can control. Terms of service can change on other platforms in the blink of an eye and marketing strategies can go up in smoke with those changes. Don’t build your marketing strategy on rented property, Build on what you own and can control!


Responsive web design definition– building website so they deliver an optimal experience to every size device. Think Mobile, Tablet and Desktop optimized user experience.


Responsive Website That Convert Browsers into Buyers

Now that you crafted the ideal online marketing strategy to get your ideal potential clients to your website, what do you want them to do? After not having a phone number on your website the next biggest miss for most business websites is not telling your guests what you want them to do. A Call to action button or form to fill out or a call now button is a prominent part of your website design.  A Great resource for your call to actions for your website is provided online by Hubspot. It’s called “Mastering the Design & Copy of Calls-to-Action” and can be downloaded HERE. An effective call to action strategy for your website will convert browsers into buyers!

Responsive Website Design


We live in a mobile world. Your website design process should begin with the mobile device, then tablet and finally the desktop. Hopefully your online strategy is working overtime getting people to your website. If 25 to 50% of your website visits are coming from mobile devices and you are not providing your guests a good mobile experience they bounce. The goal of your website has got to be conversions and every device used to access your website has got to have a great user experience to accomplish your goal.


We would love to assist you in any part of this process. To make that a bit easier we offer a free website review. With it you will get a review of design, call to action and responsiveness. As a bonus if you add your social media sites to the form we will give you a few suggestions on how to improve them as well.

Click Here for Your Free Website Review




Facebook Event – Step by Step Instructions by Dale Dillon First, decide who is hosting the event – you personally or your business?  Go to your profile if you are personally hosting and go to your business page if your business is hosting. On your profile, go to the Events tab on the left side of your home page.  Click Create Event in the upper-right corner of the page. On your business page, click on Events tab under your cover photo.  Then click on Create Event in the upper right corner. Type in the Name of your event, Details (description of the event), Location (put address), When (beginning  time and then you will be asked if you want to put in an ending time). Decide whether you want the Guest List to be public.  Uncheck that box if you don’t want it public. Decide whether you want others to post on the wall.  Recommend that you do allow this because it encourages interaction. Double check all of the details and then click Create.
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