Think Before You Post!

think before you post

Think Before You Post!

Posting in the Heat of the Moment

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google + have provided individuals and business to close the gap in having an engaging and rewarding 2 way relationship with our customers. Those same social sites can do us, our family and our companies substantial, long lasting damage by not thinking before you post. Many of the things we see on our news feeds make us angry, happy, sad, disgusted or surprise us. In those moments it is very easy for us to get caught up in the emotions of the situation and fire off a post we feel is appropriate to the situation. It’s in these same moments when we are driven by our emotions that we can do devastating damage to our family, our companies and our reputation. Think Before You Post!

Political Posts

We are currently in a presidential campaign season and in those seasons political posts heat up and tensions run high. No matter what side you are on, left, right, upside down or backwards our passions for who we support can cause us to be embarrassing, abrasive and abusive to the people we are connected with and care about. I’m not suggesting you don’t post about your political passions but consult the list of questions below to make sure we are not damaging the relationships we came to social media for.

think before you postTragic Events


Questions to ask before you post:

  • How will this impact my business or work?
  • How will this impact your family?
  • How will my this impact my friends?
  • Is it selfish?

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