How To Use Facebook #Hashtags – Video

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How To Use Facebook #Hashtags – Video

How To Use Facebook #Hashtags Video

Facebook just released Facebook #Hashtags to the public and people have already begun exploring what a Hashtag looks like and how they work. Hashtags have been a part of Twitter users’ bag of tool for years and more recently were added to Google Plus. It is a way that you can get your business searched no matter how few likes you have on your Facebook page. By using key words in your posts, that people would search for, and identifying them with a hashtag, you can dramatically expand your company’s search-ability.

With the recent addition of Open Graph search, Facebook search becomes much more powerful. If I want to find a #choreographer for a dance competition at my house this weekend, I can go to Google, Bing or other search engines or I can enter a hashtag search by typing the pound sign (#) followed by the word or words I am searching for into the search bar at the top of any page on Facebook.

In case you didn’t think there would be any listings forĀ #choreographer from just today, see the image below. I don’t however have a competition at my house this weekend or any other weekend but a #karaoke competition could spontaneously break out at my house at any time. (See that search image below as well)

What will you do with Facebook #Hashtags?Facebook #Hashtag

Karaoke Facebook #Hashtag


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