BRANDING Your Business!

BRANDING Your Business!

If you are branding your business, there are some great pointers in this book.  Branding for small business and entrepreneurs has been a big part of my career.  So I wish I had read The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al Ries a long time ago!  Written in 2002, there are some examples that are outdated and some predictions that didn’t come true.  However, the main points about branding are valid.

The branding of your business needs to convey what the product is and to be associated with one word in the consumer’s mind.  For example, Mercedes is quality and Volthe 22 immutable laws of brandingvo is safety.  So what is the your word?

In addition, your brand needs to be the leader in your category.  If it is not, keep narrowing that category until you dominate and are regarded the leader.  Aim for 50% market domination in your category.

It’s important to be regarded as the leader, and part of that is the perception or reality that you are the first in that category.

These are just some of the tidbits.  There is a second section on Internet branding.

“The secret to branding on the Internet is your ability to present your brand in such a way that your customers and prospects can interact with your message.”

In other words, your business web presence is all about interactivity.  Expand your brand by sharing information and being accessible.  Do not broadcast!


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