Where Did Blackberry Go Wrong And How Can We Learn From Their Mistakes?

Where Did Blackberry Go Wrong And How Can We Learn From Their Mistakes?

Smartphone Market Share

Smartphone Market Share
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Where Did Blackberry Go Wrong?

Where do I start? It could be the lack of speed to market. It could be lack of a competitive device during the height of smart phone adoption. It could be the limited adoption from developers of the operating system. No apps = Not so cool a device. So how did Blackberry slip off the face of the mobile device planet? Everyone is weighing in and several lessons can be learned from their precipitous drop in market share.

I always root for the underdog. I would love to see Blackberry back on the smartphone scene competing with Apple and Android. If you look at the graphic attached and look down at the bottom you will see my all time favorite operating system Web OS. Palm was also a casualty of the smart phone wars.  In its infancy, Palm had the far superior multi-tasking operating system and yet it failed to capture the masses. Like in the desktop operating system wars, better does not always win the day. Windows, the 500lb gorill,a is not and has never been the best operating system for desktops and yet nearly every house has at least one computer with Windows.

So what does it take to win?

Close partnerships with cell service providers is certainly a key. I bought my last device based on the service provider and battery life. New tech is great and is enticing, but it is not the deciding factor in choosing a device.

Marketing plays an understandable large role in adoption.

I think developers play as large a role in winning as anything. 100K developers building cool apps for your device can tip the scales in your favor. I often share cool apps with friends around productivity. Without those games, tools and other apps, our devices would be just phone calling and texting devices that take pictures and video.

How can Blackberry regain its market share of 2008?

Should it add more devices to compete?

Should it go another route?

What do you suggest? What would you do in your business to avoid being Blackberry in your industry?

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