Pinterest Tips and Tricks


Pinterest Tips and Tricks



Pinterest Tips and Tricks

(Part 3 of 3)

by Dale Dillon

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you with Pinterest.

How to rearrange your Pins on a Pin Board (easy)

The arrangement of the Pins is in order of  creation.  The first Pin that is pinned to a Pin Board is at the bottom right and the most recent Pin created is at the top left.  But what if the Pins that are most representative of your business are at the bottom.  You would probably like to move them up to the top.  Here’s how to do that:

  1. Create a new board and name it Temporary
  2. Go to the Pin you want to feature at the top and move to Temporary Board.
  3. Go to Temporary Board and Pin that Pin to original Board.
  4. Delete the Temporary Pin Board.

Pin Original Content (easy)

Did you know that most pins are repins?  This means that if you click on them, the link leads back to the original Pinner.  You want to be the original Pinner youself so that clicks go to your website.

So Pin original images and make sure that you edit the Pin and type or paste the appropriate link.

Be Found in Pinterest Search (Easy)

Make sure you always include a description for each Pin.  And make sure that the description contains the appropriate keywords.

Get Noticed (Easy)

The more you comment on other Pins, the more you will be noticed.  The more you are noticed, the more you will connect with potential buyers and strategic partners.

How to Pin Videos to a Pin Board (difficult)

  1. On YouTube, click on the video edit.
  2. Using Snipping Tool (or similar), snip the image of the first frame that has the start arrow on it.
  3. Save the picture.
  4. Pin the picture to your Pin Board.
  5. Place the video on your website.  If you have WordPress, embed on a post.
  6. Copy the post link.
  7. Go back to Pinterest and click edit on the picture and paste the link that goes to your blog post.
  8. This way the video is viewed on your website.

Do you have any tricks you would like to add?  Please do so in the comments below!

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