Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus Playing The Change Game

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus Playing The Change Game

It seems like there is something new every time you turn on your computer to check your social media accounts! This time, it’s  Facebook LinkedIn and Google Plus playing the change game all at the same time. Here’s a recap of the latest and greatest changes on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn! Note that the only change that you really need to take action on right away is the cover image on G+.  The change is so dramatic that your old image will look unprofessional.

Facebook Changes

Magazine Look — Everything visual is larger and in your face — photos, logos, thumbnails, etc! According to Founder Mark Zuckerberg last week, Facebook will be the “best personalized newspaper you can have” and “visual, rich, and engaging.”  (Taken from Investors Business Daily and Venture Beat.)

Facebook News Feed Categories

Facebook News Feed Categories

Magazine Information — Viewing information is also like reading a magazine. You will now be able to view newsfeed in different slices. If you feel like your updates get “drowned out” in the main news feed, the new “Following” category will expose your followers to every single one of your posts now. And the users who navigate to this feed will do so with the intent of interacting with you.

From John Souza, Social Media Marketing University: ” The amount of clean friend-based information that a single Facebook user can consume quickly, is key to maintaining their current business model. And with the ad increases this doesn’t come soon enough. If there are going to be more ads, there must be more content.”

Online Biz Smarts Assessment: Facebook appears to be moving towards becoming the source of all of your news from friends, brands, the world, organized to appear the way you want it to appear.  Just leaf through it like a magazine!

Google+ Changes

Look — Similar to Facebook, G+ has increased images dramatically. You now have more room (real estate) on the page to build your brand. The image size for the cover is 2120 x 1192.  When the image is clicked it will be displayed in 16:9 ratio format which provides a lot more space.

Navigation — The “About” tab is now split into sections so that you can update your information more easily.  There is also a new “Local Reviews” tab that lets you +1  everything in one place. G+ also added a splash of color within the about tab to separate each section.

Online Biz Smarts Assessment:  The sudden cover image change is pretty annoying.  It was without warning and caught G+ users unaware. The other changes are an improvement in look and usability.

LinkedIn Changes

Design of Profile Page — Separated into 3 sections visually — activity, background and connections.  It’s easier to navigate and easier to update.

Insights — You now have more information about how people are finding you, and thus can figure out what you can do to be found more!

Network — New features provide the opportunity for more interaction with your connections.  For example, the endorsement feature encourages you to reach out and give “pats on the back” and also to receive them.

Go to LinkedIn help section for detail.

Online Biz Smarts Assessment:  Big improvement over previous boring and text-focused profile!  Much easier to use.  The accompanying tutorials and hints that LinkedIn provides to its users are also very helpful!

What about you?  Have you noticed any other recent changes?  Please comment below.



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