Facebook Insights — How to Analyze by Online Biz Smarts

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights — How to Analyze by Online Biz Smarts

How important are your Facebook Insights and why do you need to understand them? Well….do you want to make sure that you are not wasting your time? If so, you need to be able to analyze the data provided by Facebook Insights.


Facebook Insights specifically shows you whether you are reaching the right target market and whether your posts are engaging the right target market.  This allows you to adjust your posting strategy to become more and more effective over time.


Go to Facebook Page Administrative Panel, find “Facebook Insights” in the upper middle and clicks on “See All.”

Facebook Insights

Facebook Page Insights


What and How:

The Overview lists your posts over the last 30 days.  For each post, you can see:

  1. Reach = number of people whose newsfeed the post appeared on
  2. Engaged Users = # people that clicked on the post
  3. Talking About This = #of Engaged Users that liked, commented or shared
  4. Virality = % engagement OR
  • % of People whose newsfeed it showed on that talked about it or
  • “Talking about This” divided by “Reach” = “Virality.”

Interestingly, “The median Virality rate for Facebook Pages is 1.92%.” from Edgerank Checker.

How to interpret the Overview — Look at which posts have the highest reach and which ones had the highest virality. The more virality and more # of people that see your posts, better.  And, higher reach also means that your fan base should be growing at a good rate.

Also, remember that as the Reach increases, the virality will be lower.  This stands to reason because there is an inverse relationship between higher Reach and # Talking about This.  So you can’t just look at virality alone.

When evaluating posts, note type of post (photo, video, link or video) and time of day posted. You can also note whether you posted people that you thought would be interested in that particular post.  Then compare this information to the numbers and see what posts are the most effective.

Facebook Insights About Posts

Facebook Page Insights Re Posts

Another indicator of successful posting is the rate of growth of your fan base.   And who is in your fan base?  Does the chart below depict your ideal target market?  For Online Biz Smarts, it does. 

Facebook Insights Page Likes

Facebook Page Likes

 Check to see where your likes are coming from.  The example below depicts higher than normal likes on March 1.  Further analysis showed that Michael Gray gave a presentation to a group of business people that day.  The inference is that public speaking brings in more likes/fans.  Also, take a look at the unlikes.  Of course, you want this number to stay low.

Facebook Insights Where Likes Came From

Where Likes Came From

You are now ready to check your Facebook Insights on a regular basis —

and to adjust your posting strategy as needed. Let us know what you found in your Facebook Insights!

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