Facebook Event — How to Set Up

What Replying "Maybe" to Attend Facebook Event Really Means

Facebook Event — How to Set Up

Facebook Event – Step by Step Instructions by Dale Dillon

First, decide who is hosting the event – you personally or your business?  Go to your profile if you are personally hosting and go to your business page if your business is hosting.

On your profile, go to the Events tab on the left side of your home page.  Click Create Event in the upper-right corner of the page.

On your business page, click on Events tab under your cover photo.  Then click on Create Event in the upper right corner.

Type in the Name of your event, Details (description of the event), Location (put address), When (beginning  time and then you will be asked if you want to put in an ending time).

Decide whether you want the Guest List to be public.  Uncheck that box if you don’t want it public.

Decide whether you want others to post on the wall.  Recommend that you do allow this because it encourages interaction.

Double check all of the details and then click Create.

Add the Photo in the upper left hand corner.  Photo is very important and increases the chances that invitees will accept.  For a business function, make sure the photo conveys the business brand, a product, the logo, etc.

Take another look at the details, embellish and make sure all details are included, i.e. speakers, activities, fees, link to pay, etc.  Keep in mind that most people will only glance at the first couple of lines.

You can go back any time and edit.  When you edit, a notification goes out to the invitees.  For added publicity, you can tweak the event several times so that invitees are reminded.

Now you have to indicate that you are Going.  Once that is done, you have the option of inviting friends.

Click on Invite Friends.  A box will appear containing all of your friends.  You can narrow the list by clicking on the drop down menu and then click on particular lists.   For example, to limit invites to Tucson, click on Tucson Area, and then select your invitees.  If you are inviting a lot of people, keep in mind that Facebook allows about 25 invites to go out at a time.

To manage the event, notice when the invitees JOIN or indicate Maybe, or Decline.  The Declines will not be listed.  If the person declining  included a message, you can read the message and reply to clicking on View Declines which is above the posting box on the right.

A side note about Maybes – these are usually people that are don’t plan to attend!What Replying "Maybe" to Attend Facebook Event Really Means

To market your event further, think about:  1) asking your friends to invite their  friends and 2) copy and paste URL of event in posts, on other social media sites, on your website, etc.

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