Best Keywords for Your Business

Best Keywords for Your Business

Best Keywords for Your Business

Best keywords for your business?  Do you know what they are?Best Keywords for Your Business

It is critical that you identify your best keywords so that your customers can find your business online.

Here are 4 easy steps to find the best keywords for your business:  generate, research, test and modify.


First,  you need to understand what keywords are.  They are the words that your prospective buyer is likely to type into the google seach bar when looking for your product. Keywords are ideally 2 to 3 word phrases.  You want the right keywords that describe your product, and you also want to make sure that there is not too much competition for those keywords.

Try to put yourself into the mind of your ideal buyer.  In other words, think like your customer. What would he type?  How would he describe your product or his need for the product.  For example, product description would be “safe investment” and product need might be “what are safe investments?”

Brainstorm a list of possible keywords.  Go to Google and type each one into the search bar.   When you do that, other ideas pop up below.


The Google Keyword Tool has been the research method of choice until just this week!  Google replaced it with the Google Keyword Planner.  It is a free tool.  However, you must have a Google AdWords account to use it.  (It is a hassle to set up the account, but it is worth it.)  The Keyword Planner was developed to help advertisers choose their keywords for advertising campaigns in Google Adwords.  Don’t let that distract you.  The data that you receive using the Google Keyword Planner is just as valuable for choosing the keywords that you use organically on your website and in your content.  The Keyword Planner generates keyword ideas and also provides data on the number of average searches for each.  We will be covering how to use this in our next How To Class — Finding Best Keywords for Your Business.


Start using the keywords and see how they work for you.  Place the chosen keywords on your website in places such as:  the title (url) of the page, page description, and in the content on that page.  Also, place them on your social media sites and in your posts.


You will need to constant check the effectiveness of your keywords.  If they are not generating sufficient traffic (as shown by Google Analytics), you need to modify the keywords.  You may have chosen subpar keywords or your keyword phrase may be successful for a while and then lose its effectiveness.

In conclusion, the best keywords for your business may not be readily apparent.  Several years ago, a new client asked me to help with her online marketing.  When I checked her Google analytics, I saw that her bounce rate was very high.  This means that visitors found her site and left within seconds.  It also means that her product was not what they are looking for.  Her keywords were based on “garment bag” and her product was a luxury satin case that protected fine woolens on a closet shelf.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that the people who used “garment bag” were searching for the hanging garment bag that you take on airplanes.  They were not looking for her product. We changed to a variety of new keywords, such as “luxury garment storage” and “fine woolen protection.”

Have you struggled with your keywords?  Share your experience in finding the best keywords for your business.

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