7 Reasons Your Social Media Stinks! Social Media Mistakes

I wanna talk about me! by Toby Keith

7 Reasons Your Social Media Stinks! Social Media Mistakes

by Dale Dillon

Social Media mistakes may be hurting your marketing!  Do you do any of the following? I wanna talk about me! by Toby Keith

Social Media Mistake One:  “I Wanna Talk About Me!” (song by Toby Keith)

We all know these people!  Whether in person at a cocktail party or online, these are the people that talk nonstop about themselves.  You are only a sounding board.  On Facebook, they post every detail of their lives or their businesses.   What do you do at a cocktail party in this situation?  Get away from them as soon as you can, and then avoid them in the future. People do the exact same thing in social media.  So if your interaction is declining, have you been guilty of  conducting a one-way conversation?

Social Media Mistake Two:  Everyone loves me! (aka Everyone is my customer)

These are the business owners that are so in love with their products that they think everyone will buy.  They do not segment their market.  They don’t understand their buyer or the motivation to buy.  They miss the huge opportunity that social media provides – searching for your target customer and engaging them. Video on understanding customer pain points and motivation.

Social Media Mistake Three:  A keyword is code for “my topic.”

Wrong!    A keyword is the word or phrase that your potential buyer types in the Google search bar to find what they need.  Step into your buyer’s mind and generate possibilities that they would use to find you.  Test, and test again.  Great keyword search tool.  If you don’t know the most effective keywords for your business, you won’t be using them in your posts or on your website.  Your potential buyers will not be able to find you.

Social Media Mistake Four:   I post but I don’t read!

This is similar to number one.  Usually this is someone who has beautiful photos or great quotes or original thoughts  to post.  They get lots of likes, shares, follows etc.  They reciprocate  to no one.  Why is this a problem?  It is a one way street and will eventually fail.  Once the fans catch on, they fade away…

Social Media Mistake Five:  It’s a popularity contest, isn’t it?

Popularity Contest

Popularity Contest

This is the person that thinks that the one with the most friends, most fans, most likes, etc. wins.  Not so.  The bottom line is whether you are engaging potential customers or referral sources.  For example, a Facebook fan page may have 2,000 fans, but if you check the demographics – are they your business’s potential buyers?  If not, it’s a waste of your time.

Social Media Mistake Six:  I’m all over social media, why isn’t that enough?

This is the person that has studied social media and does a beautiful job of it, but sales are still declining.  They think that social media can be relied on for their entire marketing strategy.  They need to remember traditional marketing tactics and still meet with potential customers face to face.  There’s no free lunch!

Social Media Mistake Seven:  Everyone should follow the Golden Rule.  Everyone except me, that is.

Do you know people like this?  Rules apply to everyone  else but them.  What is the Golden Rule?  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  Before you hit enter and make a post public, ask yourself, “If it was me on the receiving end of this, how would I feel?”

Now we’d like to hear from you.  What are the big mistakes that you are seeing online?  Please share!

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