Social Media Success Stories

Social Media Success

Social Media Success Stories

Social Media Success Stories

by Dale Dillon
Published November 5, 2012
Confused and Scratching Head

Confused About Social Media

Does social media success elude and confuse you?

Are you wondering how you can find social media success can help your business grow?

Read about the following success stories and soon you will be creatively planning your own social media success strategies.

Twitter Saves Small Bookstore

In Portland, Oregon, Aaron Durand, @everydaydude, was able to use Twitter for social media success to save his mother’s  bookstore, Broadway Books.  He used his blog and his Twitter account to drive business to the store. “With the $1,000 remaining on his credit card, he tweeted that he would buy a burrito for anyone who spent at least $50 on merchandise from his mother’s store. The story quickly became major news around the city and eventually saved his mother’s small business.”  From ContentLead.

Facebook Builds Brand

Aunt Jemima, primarily thought of for maple syrup,  successfully has increased its recognition as a frozen breakfast brand through a Facebook campaign.  It “takes users through the step-by-step process used to make its breakfast treats, complete with a coupon to try its pancakes. The Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast Facebook Page welcomes users with a direct call to action, instructing them to “Click Like to see how our pancakes are made and enjoy breakfast on us.”  Once fans Like the brand, they are taken to a video explaining how the company’s frozen pancakes are made.

The company lets employees tell the story of its pancakes, from the batter being created “with the same ingredients in [their own kitchens]” to the packaging consumers find on the shelves. The video deconstructs the frozen pancakes to assure fans that they are made from scratch.

Then, the company’s social media team continues the story by engaging users on its wall…”…  Click here to read more about Aunt Jemima’s social media success.

LinkedIn Wins Ideal Clients

LinkedIn helped Stryve Group win more clients.  In conjunction with traditional marketing strategies, Stryve Group did three things:

1. Empowered employees on LinkedIn, making sure each team member had profiles that would stand out and get noticed. We thought about the information our target clients would like to see on our employees’ LinkedIn profiles and built content that aimed to answer typical questions such as, “What does Stryve Group do?” and “How is Stryve Group different than other marketing firms?”. We even put a SlideShare presentation on our LinkedIn profile that explained what a client engagement with Stryve Group looked like. When clients came through our LinkedIn profile, I didn’t have to spend time convincing them we were a company that could help them.

Social Media Success Celebration

2. Participate in LinkedIn Groups where other Marketing and Sales Managers or VPs congregated and participated in discussions, so that each time we commented on discussion posts with our opinion or helpful marketing tips, Stryve Group was becoming more credible in the eyes of our target market on LinkedIn.

3. Start your own LinkedIn Group with the vision of creating a place where Canadian marketing professionals could connect and discuss social media trends as they related to the Canadian market specifically.

For the more information on Stryve Group’s success, click here.

Pinterest Pin Goes Viral

The inventor of a clothing accessory known as the Camiband, Holly Xerri saw a sudden huge influx of sales one day. “Only a few months earlier, a Camiband was worn on-air by Today Show’s Jill Martin, so naturally Xerri assumed that the influx of sales was a result of the Camiband’s morning-show debut. ‘I thought that the Today show was the biggest thing that could happen for my business,’ she chuckled. ‘We had 3,500 hits when the Camiband was worn on the show. But I was wrong; it wasn’t the biggest thing that would happen for us!’  She hadn’t heard of Pinterest at the time, but their analytics showed a heavy amount of traffic coming from southern states, where interest in Pinterest was spreading like wildfire. ‘Someone pinned one of my Camibands and it went viral,” Xerri says. ‘In 4 days I had about 40,000 hits on my website, all from this Pinterest.’ It’s been more than three months since that memorable day and Camiband orders generated from Pinterest traffic have never stopped.  From

YouTube Generates 50% of Toy Company’s Sales

Rokenbokis a high end robotic toy company that was able to transition from brick and mortar specialty toy stores to completely online e-commerce sales through its social media success with YouTube.   Their approach is to get families to learn about their toys through fun and educational how-to videos that contain a consistent message.  SEO keywords are construction and train-related videos.

Social Media Success Rokenbok Case Study.

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