How to Deliver a Wow Experience

How to Deliver a Wow Experience

Medical Professionals – Do you know how to deliver a Wow Experience to your patients and clients?Wow Service

If you are a doctor or medical professional reading this, you are probably already saying to yourself that you provide great professional care, maybe even the best.  But does your patient or client know that?

So let’s assume that you are right and you already provide a WOW service. You need to be sure that your client knows that by making sure that he/she has a WOW experience.  In other words, make sure that your client’s experience from beginning to end, or from first contact (by phone) or walking out the door after the appointment, is the best.

Great Wow Story:  Before I begin, let me give an example.

A number of years ago, I had a client, a dentist (now retired), who had probably the most successful dental practice in AZ at that time. Was he a great dentist?  Probably.  His patients called him the best dentist in the state – did they really know that he was technically the best?  Probably not!  How could they know that? However, on top of being a great dentist, he provided a WOW experience to his patients.  What is notable is that he provided a Wow experience for his patients from the phone call to make the appointment all the way through to paying the bill and walking out the door.  And, by the way, when asked what his secret was, he gives the credit to his staff.  Here is what he says:

My secret sauce was the way in which we treated our patients. We genuinely cared about our patients.  We demonstrated that by always listening to them, looking them in the eye and seeing them as people. We greeted them by name with a warm smile.  If the patient was nervous or scared of pain, we would reassure them.  My dental assistant would say, “Don’t worry, the doctor is very patient and understands how you feel.  He will be extra gentle with you and if at any time you are uncomfortable or anxious let us know…”  We made notes on their charts about their life events and how they were doing at the visit, so that at the next visit we could bring it up.  Our patients were always right, whether they really were or not..

And here’s a bonus tip from our uber successful dentist:  staff needs to realize that the patients are paying their salaries.  They are also the salespeople.  So how about this interchange with a brand new patient:  Receptionist: Is this your first appoint with Dr. ____ ?  Patient:  yes Receptionist:  Oh, you are going to love him.  He is wonderful – – his patients love him.

Monitor referrals and send thank you’s with personalization:  Dear (Name), Thank you for referring Anne. We really enjoyed meeting her and and hope she will continue as a valued patient.  We value your trust in us, Dr. (Name).

What is a Wow Experience?

So what is “wow”? Well here is how I define it. “Wow” is the gap that exists between your patient’s or customer’s expectation and his or her experience. In other words, if the gap is negative (their experience doesn’t live up to their expectation), he or she is disappointed. That’s “not wow.” In fact, that’s the opposite of “wow.” If the gap is positive (their experience exceeds their expectation), he or she is wowed. That’s a “wow” experience.

Why deliver a Wow Experience?

If people aren’t wowed by your service and want to use it, they’re not going to recommend it to their friends. In other words, you’re not going to get the word-of-mouth promotion you need to get in order to be successful. You can’t spend enough money or be clever enough to overcome a lack of word of mouth in marketing.

This is especially true in the world of social media because it accelerates the word-of-mouth process. One, everyone now has a megaphone; number two, everyone is connected to everyone else.

How to Deliver a Wow Experience.

1.      What is the experience we want to be a wow? What do you want the patient to feel when they walk into the office?
2.     How will the patient/client feel when they walked in? When they walked out?
3.     What expectations did they bring with them?
4.     What would failing to meet their expectations for this experience look like?
5.     What does exceeding the expectations look like?

Right down your answers to these questions.  Plot out the whole experience.  For example, for the first one you might write:  “The patient should feel we must be an extraordinary medical practice because she has never had a front desk waiting room experience like this. She assumes we are somehow really different and can’t wait to experience more.” So a little bit of surprise… a little bit of anticipation…. and the patient is looking forward to a deeper, more engaged experience.

And, so on for numbers two through five.  Share how you deliver a WOW experience!












Common attributes of a WOW experience: surprise, anticipation, resonance, transcendence,  clarity, timelessness, universality, evangelism, longevity, privilege

Try to understand how the patient feels walking in.  Is she a new patient? Is she nervous, feeling unattractive, feeling old, embarrassed?  If you have empathy and understanding of the patient, you will know better how to communicate and interact with her. 

How do you want the patient to feel?

Pledge to yourself that you will deliver nothing less than the WOW experience and that you will exceed customer expectations.  List 3 things that you intend to do to enhance the WOW experience of Greenspring Rejuvenation Spa




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