Optimize Your Blog Post on WordPress with Yoast

Optimize Your Blog Post

Optimize Your Blog Post on WordPress with Yoast

Optimize Your Blog Post

Optimize Your Blog Post with Yoast Plugin

Do you know how to optimize your blog posts?

There is a very useful WordPress plugin, Yoast,  that we use for search engine optimization.  It provides the framework to follow for maximum SEO. 

Yoast provides the feedback and analysis right under the post draft.  You can also click on “Check” in the box under the Publish section to the right of your draft.  Each time you save your draft, click on check and see if the gray dot has become green.  As you get closer to optimization, it goes from gray to yellow to lime green to green.

To Optimize Your Blog Post, follow the directions by Yoast in the Page Analysis to place the keywords where they need to be.

  • The first step is to choose the keyword for your blog post before you even start writing it.   (It’s a good idea to choose a keyword that is getting a lot of searches on Google.  Sherif Morgan discussed this at a previous Online Biz Smarts presentation.)
  • The second step is to make sure that the keyword is in the title and, even better, that the title starts with the keyword.
  • Third, take a look at the Permalink.  It is right under your title space.  Make sure that it also has your keyword.  If not, click on edit and type in the keyword.
  • Fourth, type in a meta description that both contains the keyword, and even better again, starts with the keyword.
  • Fifth, include an image with your post, and make sure that it contains the keyword in the alternate text.  When you edit your photo, there is a box for placing alternate text.
  • Six, Yoast is also helpful in that it analyzes your keyword density.   The density needs to be in a certain range, no higher than 4.5%.
  • Seven, it also helps to include links to other posts on your blog, as well as posts to outside sites.
  • And eight, make sure that your keywords are bolded, italicized and/or underlined. This way the search engines spot them faster.

The good news is that Yoast will lead you through the steps and before you know it, you will have internalized they key factors to optimize your blog posts!

Has this information been helpful?  Please let us know!

by Dale Dillon Lips, Business Strategist with Online Biz Smarts

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